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Argentina: The next world power in chicken and eggs?

Argentina has excellent port instillations close to its agricultural production areas which allows it to easily export to the entire world.
Argentina has excellent port facilities close to its agricultural production areas which allows it to easily export to the entire world. Foto por Benjamín Ruiz
July 6, 2016

Argentina is a very fortunate country because it has good arable land and plenty of water for the production of grains and soybeans. It also has excellent port facilities near the production areas, which allows it to export fairly easily and, perhaps, less expensively in terms of transportation than its neighbor Brazil. To add to the list of benefits, it has an enviable poultry health situation and the conditions of its foreign trade policies have changed.

When a country has excess commodities, it begins to export. In fact, Argentina is one of the largest exporters of corn and the largest exporter of soybean meal in the world. But it is always better to add value.

This South American country is synonymous with beef cuts. However, the world has not realized that the Argentines now eat more chicken and eggs than beef.

Annual per capita animal protein consumption in the country is outstanding: 42 kilograms of beef, 14 kg of pork, 45 kg of chicken and 265 eggs. Figures vary, depending on the source of information used. Although there might be differences, the figures are very high.

But consumption of animal protein is at its limit. How much more meat and eggs can a person consume? Poultry producers are faced with the dilemma of having raw materials to produce more chickens and eggs, and add value to their commodities, but they are not able to sell all their products within the country.

Although Argentina already exports chicken, a solution could be exporting more poultry products. With this, not only can it find a channel for corn and soybeans – and also give the commodities added value – but it could increase poultry production. In fact, companies have considered so, such as the Brazilian company BRF.

There are various problems in neighboring Brazil. Although I think it will be difficult to beat Brazil, perhaps it is time to seize the moment and become the world’s second or third poultry export power. The conditions are there. What do you think?

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