In an interview I conducted relatively recently, the respondent from a major breeding company told me that in Holland people don’t necessarily eat animal protein every day. Eating habits are changing.

Regardless of the nutrition aspects, I believe that animal protein consumption - besides eating habits - is linked not only to the increase in household income and changing of social status, but also perhaps could be an aspirational subject. Perhaps there is a close link between increased consumption of animal protein, a better salary and the feeling that we have moved to another level.

Although, frankly, for me I do like eating animal protein for lunch or dinner every day, because lunch or dinner with no animal protein is no meal, I do have noticed that sometimes I go a day without meat. Maybe I am getting older, perhaps it is the decrease need for protein, or just that, without realizing it, I'm falling into the same trend.

We are far from that in Latin America; there are large portions of the population that still do not consume meat daily or consume less than the average per capita amount. However, it would be interesting to see if in the middle and upper levels, this influence is also taking effect. If these levels of the society have the luxury of asking for sustainable food, antibiotic-free chicken, cage-free eggs and value-added products - as in the developed world- perhaps they no longer are eating as much protein daily. Could it be? What do you think?