Just over two months ago, following the scandal of Operation Weak Flesh in Brazil, I dedicated my blog to give both BRF and JBS the opportunity to be heard. However, it seemed to me that these famous operations may have hidden infamous actions, for the scandal had a foul-smelling halo around it.

I allocated a good part of my blog to tell about how well these two companies work in terms of international certifications that guarantee their quality. In particular, about JBS I said that the company exports to more than 150 countries, including the USA, Germany and Japan, and that they were subjected to 340 annual audits of international health and customer missions. In addition, I pointed out that JBS is certified by the BRC (British Retail Consortium), a global reference in protein production quality.

All this is very good as far as the quality of the protein is concerned, but now, while Brazil faces a terrible political predicament in the government of President Temer on the heels of the crisis involving former President Rousseff, JBS is back in the center of the hurricane with the alleged bribes they had made.

Tarek Farahat, the new chairman of the board of JBS says: “Governance is my utmost priority" and adds that they will work hard "to restore market trust with the market and protect the more than 235 thousand families that are part of JBS.”

Poultry companies boast of good production practices, good manufacturing practices and the endless list of quality, veterinary and other practices. And where are good business practices?

It is of no use to have good quality certificates, to carry out good production practices and to promote those achievements, if the company fails in good practices of honesty and transparency.

That is not the way, more so, when the poultry industry is besieged by other problems. What do you think?