Australia wants to open itself up to Latin America, because until now it didn't sell practically any agricultural products to the region. Meanwhile, the U.S., Canada and Europe, each with free trade agreements, sell agricultural products to Latin America.

A few days ago, the National Farmer’s Federation (NFF) of Australia started meetings in Colombia to talk about trade with what they call the "powerful" Alliance of the Pacific, made up of Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru.

Yes, it is powerful. We are talking about a market of at least 230 million people (Australia has 25 million). Taking Brazil out of account, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru are among the countries with the best economic figures in Latin America, which I will not discuss now.

NFF President Fiona Simson says due to tariffs exporting to Latin America is simply is not worth it. I guess transport logistics are also a limitation. However, they are extremely interested in exporting to Latin America, everything from meat, to milk, to grains. They want to make a big kangaroo jump to us!

Mexico is in full renegotiation of its free trade agreement with the U.S. And just this week, Brazil sold corn to Mexico – sales concluded a few weeks ago – to be shipped to the Mexican Gulf coast.

The pieces are moving on the world’s agricultural playing board, and suddenly some people find Latin America interesting. Perhaps this reaffirms that it is a small world. What do you think?

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