There are those who like to keep harping on a subject, who continue to make a scandal and even calling it a myth. At the International Poultry and Swine Show (SIAVS) held last week in Brazil organized by the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA), it was clear that the issue of Operation Weak Flesh would come up. But, it's all about only wanting to see what you want to see.

It would be impossible to deny that the problem happened in BRF and Seara (JBS). But the important thing here is that the Brazilian authorities took action, because the plants were immediately closed and the investigation continued. Corrections were made and the plants were reopened. In Brazil, the system is inspected by the Ministry of Agriculture, in addition to the 160 importing countries. Nothing more, nothing less.

There were 46 countries that closed the importation of Brazilian chicken, just as a precaution (anyone would). Not because they had received contaminated meat, but because of the news. Today, only 7 out of those 46 are still closed, countries like Trinidad and Tobago or Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which represent barely 0.4 percent of exports. Frankly, very little.

I would say that the ABPA has been very clear in its statements: in 40 years they have exported 60 million MT of chicken to 203 countries and no one has returned meat because it was adulterated or spoiled. In addition, the problems detected were in products of domestic consumption (not less important) and not in export products.

There are voices asking about what is Brazil going to change about this. In Europe, nobody has changed things because of the fipronil in eggs, because the system worked: it detected the problem, sanctioned it and corrected it. Why should Brazil change things? The Brazilian system also worked, since it detected the problem, sanctioned it and corrected it. And exports were restored.

"Operation Weak Flesh" is over. Period. Let's move on. What do you think?