“This society knows very little about chickens, but it interferes," and not just in chickens, but in all agricultural production. These are the words of Mário Penz, from Cargill Brazil, which are very illustrative of what it is happening today.

In recent days, a situation arose in Brazil that to my understanding seems to be new in the region: to institute by law days in which eating meat is banned (yes,banned!). So-called "Meatless Mondays" could come to a region where malnutrition is still the case in certain areas and social levels, and where junk food and waste run rampant everywhere.

This "Meatless Monday" law, still waiting to be approved, has been proposed by a São Paulo legislator, vegetarian and animal protector and supported by an international organization to enforce in government agencies, including cafeterias for feeding low-income people. Is there anyone in the legislature of the state of São Paulo that protects the human being?

The emergence of so many movements that pretend to "take care" of animals to the detriment of people is really worrisome. I understand the reasons behind the exploitation and mistreatment of animals for the sake of entertainment or other banal things – like a branded fur coat – but I do not understand it when it comes to producing affordable protein to the population.

We need to reflect ourselves on what is happening, why these groups and these ways of thinking arise, and in which things are we failing as a society. We also need to think about what the industry is doing wrong and what it needs to vindicate itself. I will not get tired of saying it. What do you think?