The chips on the market's board are moving and perhaps with unexpected changes, after the relative stability – in terms of protectionism and tariffs – in recent years.

China has imposed tariffs on soybeans from the United States, and nobody really knows how far this will go. As for corn, the U.S. will continue to produce ethanol from this grain to mix with gasoline. From the process to make ethanol, dried distillers grain with solubles, known by the English acronym DDGS, is a co-product.

The truth is that this ingredient may be little known and of little use in Latin America, except for Mexico, which, due to cost, proximity and rail and port logistics with the neighbor to the north, tends to be more common. At the last annual convention of ANECA, Mexico’s national association of poultry science specialists in Mexico, Dr. Carlos López Coello said that with these perspectives of the world market, DDGS is emerging as a good option for Mexican poultry, and noted: “After forty years, we have an alternative [in feed formulation].

López Coello mentioned some of the virtues of this ingredient: product uniformity, it does not contain anti-nutritional factors, there is great availability and it has a good price. Additionally, it is a good source of available phosphorus, because this mineral is added in the process. It also has a good product flowability.

It is likely, then, that in the not too distant future, we will begin to see more inclusion of DDGS in poultry diets, beyond the use in ruminants that is currently given. Do you dare?

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