Finally, the electoral process in Mexico ended. At this point, ordinary citizens are exasperated with news, statements, memes by WhatsApp and fake news spread everywhere. It is not hard to say this in a country like Mexico, where the election campaign lasts three months, plus the pre-campaign period.

Well, the left won the elections, which is not surprising, since we saw it coming long time ago. So, what can we expect from this shift in Mexican politics for chickens and hens?

I spoke with independent analyst Ken Shwedel (who worked many years for Rabobank in Mexico) to find out about this. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president-elect of Mexico, said that agriculture is going to be a priority and he has spoken of food self-sufficiency (does it sound like something from the early 80's?). But Shwedel told me that what is meant by self-sufficiency is not well defined. We are talking about corn, but will it also be sorghum or soybeans? In addition, Shwedel mentioned it has to be seen how López Obrador will react to the tariff policies of the Donald Trump administration.

However, it seems that the poultry industry can expect a favorable time, because the policy of increasing pensions could lead to an increase in domestic demand, including animal proteins, mainly chicken. The good times will exist, as long as they do not decide to impose tariffs on soy as retaliation.

If the national corn production increases, will we return with López Obrador to high guaranteed prices? This could greatly affect the market, as Shwedel points out.

The only thing we can't doubt is that there are many doubts and uncertainties. Meanwhile, hens keep on laying eggs and chickens keep growing. What do you think?