I was having dinner with friends. It was one of those birthday dinners that promised nothing spectacular except having fun with others. For some strange reason, the topic of what we eat came up once again. I said "once again" because in past gatherings, we had already talked about it.

The subject that surged was a video in which a "famous" chef shows a fish, according to him, that was freshly caught. Apparently, he had just dissected the fish, although the video does not show how he did it. From the fish's belly, the chef pulled out several plastic soda bottle caps. In my eyes, it was completely false. Frankly, I do not understand how the fish's intestine was not clogged with that amount of garbage and it hadn't already died.

The same goes for the fake news of the chickens. I try to be patient and as didactic as possible, with simple arguments, which I think are compelling. But this time, I admit that I went out of my way because they are professional people, who have gone to college, and they should have common sense and not get carried away with videos on the Internet.

I defend the poultry industry and speak in its favor because I know what I'm talking about. People speak without knowing, without having ever set foot on a farm, without having had feed in the palm of their hand or having visited a modern processing plant.

People prefer to hear what they want to hear. They do not listen to reasons, nor listen to anyone who knows the subject. Damn! They even called me impertinent at dinner. People do not want to learn, or think that they are wrong, or realize that they are being carried away by feelings and sensationalist videos, not by reasoning.

Will the poor chickens, the innocent chickens (and their industry fans) will have to stay silent, with no one to defend them? I feel as if I'm being forced to keep quiet or lose friendships.

What do you think?