A few weeks ago I wrote about Peruvians and their taste for grilled chicken (pollo a la brasa) and fresh chicken meat. As we are immersed in the enormous industrialization of poultry, where the well-known brands of producers and fast-food restaurants stand out, it would even seem that we are talking about something exotic, but maybe not that much.

In addition to Peru, there is another country that likes “churrasco,” that is, the grilled chicken itself: it is Portugal. The “churrascarias” abound in Portugal and the churrasco is very much a handy resource of the families of this country. "It is our fast food, but healthier,” said Ana Sofia Gonçalves, president of the Portuguese Association of Animal Husbandry (APEZ). And I think that's one of the keys.

In Portugal, 28-day-old chickens of one kilo of weight are produced for this market. As in Peru, this grilled chicken is sold with rice or potatoes for the family. It is so common that it is consumed at least once a week. As a point of reference, the average per capita chicken consumption of the Portugueses is around 42 kg per year.

In this European country, there is no concern about chicken imports from large exporters such as Brazil, with which they are culturally linked. People in Portugal do not like frozen meat. There are butcher shops (known as talhos) everywhere, where in addition to other meats, there is fresh chicken widely available.

I bring all this up because it seems extraordinary that there is still a plethora of poultry product consumption. Not everything consumed are connected with big brands of food or restaurants. Variety is the spice of life, as well of the most "natural," which is so trendy now.

What do you think?