I have always been struck by the fact that when people ask me if hormones are used in chicken production, female sex hormones – progesterone and estrogen -- are balancing in their minds. Of course, even some gynecologists say that girls menstruate or develop breasts earlier by eating chicken with hormones!

Does it occur to anyone that other than sex hormones could be added instead? If I were not someone involved in the industry, I think it would sound more logical to me to use growth hormone, because it would be used so chickens could "grow" more. Nor does it occur to them that thyroid hormones (thyroxine and triiodothyronine) could be added to regulate metabolism? Or leptin, to regulate appetite, or...

No. They think of sex hormones and only female hormones. Not male. Even within this ludicrous issue there is sexism, in which a non-right, non-natural practice, that is rather mafia and deceptive, is equated only with female sex hormones. Even a Bolivian president and a Colombian model said that chickens with hormones turned men homosexuals. Only men. Women do not become lesbians from eating chicken with added hormones.

It has never occurred to anyone that chickens could be supplied with testosterone or androsterone. No doctor (as far as I know) has said that 11-year-old children show penis growth because they have eaten chicken with hormones or become muscular or have an early beard and mustache. Or failing that, boys suffering from gynecomastia (enlarged breasts) because of the fact that men also have mammary glands beneath the nipples!

It is really ridiculous. And more ridiculous is that people continue the myth that hormones are used in poultry production, and that there are companies packaging chicken that says “hormone-free,” because that is what people want to see. It’s just an example of how far nonsense can go.

What do you think?