We all agree that trade shows and congresses are somewhat the soul of the poultry and feed industries, in the sense that it is where suppliers and customers meet, where we can see what's new in the market and experts speak on subjects of concern to production.

The series of cancellations and date changes involving all kinds of events has put the trade fairs and congresses industry on the rack, and I would also add our poultry associations and companies that used them to promote products and services, to network, and to see and be seen.

Some will say that virtual media are for that, but they are nothing new. Indeed, they have filled a void as a temporary substitute, but let us be frank, it is not the same. Perhaps in the future we can talk about hybrid events.

In the midst of all this vortex, Germany’s DLG held its EuroTier China event early this September in Chengdu. This was an event with more than 12,000 attendants and all health precautions in place. There were 20,000 square meters (215,278 square feet) that housed exhibitors in two halls, as well as a large conference area, where several presentations in forums, conferences, and roundtables on animal production topics took place. There was international participation from 13 countries, including Germany, Austria, Finland and Canada.

Perhaps the most important thing about this is the positive message sent to the trade fair industry, but also to the animal production and feed industries. Some 12,000 people gathered there, in the country where COVID-19 was first detected, with good and promising results, always taking care that everything was done with all health protocols.

We have a lot of events coming soon. Let us not let them decline. It will also depend on us to support them. Let's go little by little, but let's go for it.

What do you think?

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