As everyone knows or suspected, the Latin American Poultry Summit will be held in a virtual format. Registration for the event, scheduled for January 25-26, 2021, is free for all attendees, a unique situation - given the circumstances - that should not be missed.

The program is obviously shorter than face-to-face events. However, we included what we consider most relevant to the poultry industry in the region.

For example, keynote speakers will be giving an analysis of chicken exports from a giant such as Brazil, as well as of the poultry health status of Latin America. Both topics are crucial to the growth of the industry and are linked to each other.

Then, there will be presentations on intestinal health, which even if it seems a tiresome insistence, we cannot stop talking about it, given the increasingly restrictive conditions of antibiotic use. This is linked to the development and use of vaccines in production, which an expert will also be talking about.

Corn is the main ingredient in poultry feed, and therefore the main cost. In the Latin American region, we have corn producers and net importers, and in both cases, there are large poultry producers, such as Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, and Mexico. We will learn how’s corn international market is and also its, sometimes forgotten, co-products.

And another major topic is animal welfare, of which two Latin American researchers, one from Costa Rica and another from Brazil, will discuss their experiences in broiler production.

I encourage you to attend the Latin American Poultry Summit. Imagine you are opening a Christmas gift at the bottom of the tree. So, sign up now. As I mentioned, this time will be in fully virtual format, two hours a day, and in Spanish only. We are sure you will be satisfied.

What do you think?

Merry Christmas to all!