Just recently, the Supreme Court of Mexico definitely ruled out production of transgenic corn within the country. The Supreme Court unanimously denied protection to Monsanto, Syngenta and other companies against the judicial ruling that prevented planting transgenic corn for commercial purposes.

The group "Demanda Colectiva Maíz" said it was a historical decision that has protected native corn of Mexico against transgenic corn. This organization says that it is a must to protect native Mexican corn, as well as the beekeeping sector, mixing all this with human rights and a healthy environment.

I find all this a somewhat eccentric mixture - native corn defenders, beekeepers, human rights and environment, with feeding Mexicans, a high dependence on imports, becoming self-sufficient in grain production and so on.

It is also historical that these days, it was reported that Mexico hit the record of grain imports, spending between January and July of 2021 at 90% of the money spent in 2020 in this endeavor.

So here we have two historical facts that seem opposite - but at the same time matching - and makes you think who is right and who's wrong. Some might think that it is wrong to introduce transgenic corn in Mexico and others might think that it is wrong not having access to this technology. But they do match - no better technology, more corn imports.

Old native corn is not enough anymore. Might be now a museum piece. Or are they denying traditional corn producers of insertion into the current world, i.e. financing and technology? Are they also pieces of a museum?

Maybe it is the right time to see reality with these two historical facts. And allow me to go back to what I blogged a couple of weeks ago - shouldn't we focus on being more efficient in production?

What do you think?