We all know that Brazil is a superpower in the production of commodities such as corn or soybeans, plus chicken, eggs, poultry genetics and other products.

Their production is used for internal consumption, as well as exports all over the world. Exports do not happen by magic. Together with quality, it involves an agreement between the private companies and associations of producers with the governmental agencies, and in this case Apex-Brazil, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency.

A few days ago, the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) announced that they just signed another agreement with Apex-Brazil to promote poultry and pork products. The agreement - valid until 2023 - includes technical advice and support in campaigns, workshops with stakeholders and special actions in trade shows in different target markets for the exports of chicken meat, pork, duck meat, eggs and poultry genetics material.

At the same time, the Brazilian Renderers Association (ABRA), jointly with the same Apex-Brazil, has reported very successful meetings in Colombia and Peru to promote rendering products for feeds and other applications.

I have personally been part of programs with both associations, with the support of Apex-Brazil, which includes all expenses and a wonderful experience in getting to know their industries. I am much grateful to the way they have treated us, an experience that has led to friendships and bonds that have last for several years. This facilitates communication.

I am sure other countries in Latin America have programs like this, but it might be worthy to take a look at what Brazilians have done, particularly when some countries have the dream of exporting poultry.

In addition to exhibiting in trade shows, having high-rank level conversations and negotiations and many other actions, dealing with journalists can be another door to open.

What do you think?