Being part of the poultry industry, even a journalist or writer like me, makes you prone to fake businesses.

I have received many e-mails about importing chicken, mainly Brazilian, which I always send to the “junk mail” folder. However, around four years ago, I was contacted by someone requesting my help to import chicken to Brazil. The request was somewhat weird because I have never sold, exported or imported poultry products. We even talked over the phone. They offered a commission, but I was always hesitant to move forward. I even mentioned I could get help from the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA), and maybe that was the magic word because I was never contacted again.

I bring this up, because the ABPA is launching a campaign against fake sales in the international market. The association together with ApexBrasil, the exports promotion agency, are working to warn importers and potential customers against fraud cases and fake sales that are impacting their chicken and pork exports.

It is important to mention that right now the campaign is available in Portuguese but will also be in English and Mandarin. It provides information on what a person needs to avoid being a fraud victim. The ABPA has made available a particular email address to request information directly from them ( They also advise people to contact a Brazilian embassy in any part of the world, before proceeding with a payment or any kind of transaction. The exporting company can also be contacted.

Apparently, these characters clone exporting companies’ sites and e-mails, they counterfeit sales slips and product logos, as well as SIF (Federal Inspection Service) registrations. They even have ghost offices, including bank accounts!

So, I guess we need to protect ourselves and protect the poultry industry. If you happen to get one of these or if you are in doubt, do not hesitate to contact the exporting company and/or the ABPA.

What do you think?