While highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) outbreaks have sprung up in several U.S. states, among other places in the world, one might wonder about the status of bordering countries. Based on this, Mexico has reinforced epidemiological surveillance and animal health inspections. Also, imports from certain U.S. counties were halted.

I wonder about resurgence of this disease in bordering countries because HPAI has been in Mexico for the last 10 years. It simply never left the country, it was never eradicated, but the poultry industry keeps on growing.

Last week, an HPAI virus outbreak was reported in two poultry houses in a farm in the northern state of Coahuila in Mexico. It is important to say that it is the same strain that has existed in some regions of Mexico since 2012. Technicians from the Mexico-United States Commission for the Prevention of Foot-and-Mouth Disease and Other Exotic Animal Diseases confirmed this – it is the AH7N3 strain.

Anti-epidemic measures to deactivate the outbreak were immediately applied. The affected farm was quarantined and the immediate slaughter of 70,000 birds from the two houses with positive cases was ordered. Also, the immediate vaccination campaign of birds located on backyard and commercial farms in neighboring communities was started.

Once viral isolation is done to confirm the virus, the corresponding reports to the World Organization for Animal Health and commercial partners will be done.

It is worth mentioning that poultry production in Coahuila represents only 0.003% of the national production in Mexico. According to the authorities, this means that the national supply of chicken is not a risk. But isn’t it though?

I think it has been at risk at least for the last ten years. The virus never left. It has not been eradicated. So, what are the plans for the next ten years of the Mexican animal health authorities and the poultry industry?

On the other hand, some think that maybe we need to learn to live with it. Maybe just like us with our coronavirus.

What do you think?