It is not common for a president of a nation, particularly a big nation like Brazil, to inaugurate a poultry and swine event. Last week at the International Poultry and Pork Show (SIAVS) in São Paulo, to everyone's surprise, President Jair Bolsonaro attended the opening ceremony, along with other high-ranked personalities, such as the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Environment.

What is the meaning of this? First, I would say it was part of the campaign he is carrying out to run for a second term. Not difficult to figure out, because he had a huge group of supporters attending the event and filling the auditorium with lots of cheering. Tight security was in force, creating an atmosphere of great expectation.

But besides this political movement to attract votes, I was thinking what the meaning of this for the Brazilian poultry and swine industries was and, in general, to all animal protein.

First of all, it means support for all producers in their daily endeavors in difficult times, I would say, when feed prices are going up. He thanked producers for “providing life” and food security for Brazil, saying that “the world would suffer of hunger if it wouldn’t be for Brazil.”

Jokes, mentions to the first lady, applause interruptions, with remarks that Brazil is a wonderful land – mineral and agricultural wealth, biodiversity, tourism − the main thing I can highlight is that Bolsonaro’s government would let poultry and swine producers work, without the government intervening. “The Government is on your side, we don’t want to charge you more,” he said, with regards to taxes.

This is good news for producers. Less taxes would ease pressures, although this would make it hard for the government, for instance, to have the resources to improve transportation infrastructure. Brazilian poultry and swine producers continuously ask for this. The infrastructure problem has persisted for years.

Hopefully poultry and swine producers take advantage of the momentum on their side and get more efficient.

What do you think?