The Latin American big poultry party, the OVUM − the Latin American Poultry Congress − is coming up next month in Honduras.

One of the top activities is the gala night to honor the winners of the awards that the Latin American Poultry Association gives for several categories. The ceremony will take place on September 8 at the Commerce Chamber in San Pedro Sula.

I would like to talk about these prizes, because it not only involves the Latin American Poultry Hall of Fame − which I personally take care for − honoring people that have given their lives to the poultry industry, but I am also part of the panel of judges for the first Latin American Chicken Marketing Prize, organized by the Latin American Chicken Institute.

The prize has two categories: the Latin American Chicken Day Celebration and the Comprehensive Chicken Consumption Campaign. I honestly was pleasantly surprised to see how hard the participants have worked, as well as for the organized fashion and quality of the information provided.

Several national associations have carried out different activities involving:

  • Human nutrition with chicken in different ages,
  • Presentations to target groups to eradicate misbeliefs and misinformation,
  • Catchy jingles,
  • Culinary approaches with new, modern fusion recipes to change the idea that chicken is a “boring,” plain dish,
  • Tips on how to buy and cook chicken,
  • Information on how chicken is produced,
  • Change of target audiences, away from the traditional “housewife,”
  • Chicken giveaway programs for those in need,
  • Wonderful, high-quality TV ads,
  • Cooking contests,
  • Press releases,
  • Heavy social media work and so on.

The activities carried out by all of them are astonishing and show the commitment they all have to the industry. It also shows the interest and great potential the region has. There are countries with high consumption rates above 40 kg/year (Peru, Brazil, Argentina or Bolivia) but others that need a push (Venezuela, Uruguay or Nicaragua). Keep up the good work. This is priceless.

What do you think?