Colombia has been working for a long time to eradicate Newcastle disease. In 2021, the country declared itself Newcastle-disease-free, later recognized by the World Organization of Animal Health (WOAH). The Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) and the Colombian Federation of Poultry Producers (Fenavi) made enormous efforts to achieve this. They longed for this because they have the dream of being able to export chicken.

Their efforts are so well known that even last month Fenavi officials presented the program in neighboring Peru. Peruvians wanted to know how Colombians have managed this strategy because they also have the same dream.

But reality – along with Newcastle disease – struck back, and last May outbreaks were reported in backyard flocks and fighting cocks. It really surprises me how these types of birds and productions still exist, and how being so small can still affect a whole country and a whole industry. I am not totally against these, but couldn’t they adhere to the national controls? How could they be so selfish? In the end, their birds will be sacrificed!

The quarantine was then declared. Both ICA and Fenavi worked very hard to control bird movement and trade between certain municipalities and regions and carry out epidemiological surveillance. Again, the big efforts were made by a reliable and responsible industry (and authorities) to recuperate the disease-free status.

Quarantine finally ended a few days ago. Colombia is back on track to control the problem. Everything seems to be going in the right direction, and I would like to praise Colombians for the constant efforts carried out over several decades. I am sure at the end they will succeed.

What do you think?