The International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) has always been a reference for all of us in the poultry industry. For Latin Americans it is a must. After the U.S. and Canadian attendance, it has always been the largest crowd.

I have attended IPPE for over 30 years, but the symbolism of attending after the pandemic has a special meaning. Someone asked me: “didn’t you miss this?” Of course, I did! I missed being here, stopping by almost every booth to say hi, talking about changes and new things and developments.

What do I take from this visit to IPPE? Well, I would say that the avian influenza scare lingers among attendants, particularly those from Mexico. Many talk about the impact on layer and breeder flocks and how they have been decimated. Also, how this is affecting egg trade within the country and imports from other countries. However, maybe the longest impact is in the midterm, and recovery might take over a year. Together with this, it seems to me that producers are much more aware of sacrificing birds and reporting and are on the lookout.

In general terms, it seems to be that poultry production in Latin America will have little variation this year. Producers are cautious and they are not to blame, considering the present conditions. Nevertheless, I feel that there is a positive attitude. Many exhibitors at IPPE are very happy about turnout and have mentioned to me that it seems to be almost back to pre-pandemic numbers. They say their agendas are full of meetings, which to me seems to be very good news.

It might take one extra year, but I think we are on the right track. The chicken seems to be rising from the ashes.

What do you think?