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Latin America Poultry at a Glance

A blog providing analysis of the poultry and feed industries in Latin America.

Drones in poultry production?

I just read an article in the New York Times about the use of the latest technology in agricultural production. From using animals for plowing, we went to tractors with GPS and apps on the iPhone that help us to control several aspects, such as irrigation, fertilizer application, checking the weather, etc. 
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Bachoco: the JBS of the North?

Bachoco announced its results for the thirdquarter of 2014, with an increase in net sales of 12.5 percent ad is doing very well. The company as part of its strategies — is interested in participating in otherproteins and in other geographic areas.
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More Brazilian chicken to Russia?

It seems that the issue of Brazil and itspoultry industry continues to be something to talk about. Now, with theconflict between Russia and the West over Ukraine escalating, Moscow isresponding to the sanctions imposed on them by the European countries and the U.S.,by prohibiting or restricting imports of foods from these countries. Such isthe case of poultry products from U.S.
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World Egg Day celebrations in largest egg-consuming country Mexico

This October 11 we celebrate World Egg Day, an event which has been done since 1996, and as members of the poultry industry, this represents a major milestone for many reasons. First, because it promotes the consumption of a great product and a great protein, normally with an affordable price for virtually the entire population. The second reason is that, with this, we are defeating the invisible enemy of ignorance regarding erroneous myths about eggs.
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Brazilian poultry industry at its best

In Latin America, and around the world, it is overwhelming to see the size of the poultry industry in Brazil. Everything is big, from the size of the companies, to something very important: the conception of Brazilians themselves as poultry producers and the future outlook.
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The difficult path of egg products

A few days ago, my colleague Mark Clements, editor of Poultry International, spoke on his blog of a new egg product launched in Britain, called Dippy Egg[k1] . Other Egg products have been launched in the Latin American market. But do we need new egg products for mass consumption, beyond liquid eggs for the food industry?  Hyperlink text to:  
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Poultry health challenges require changes in business strategies

The biological tsunami of avian influenza seems to be yielding, and from the rubble we will slowly see what we need to do. While this year's outbreak is but the shadow of last year's (4.1 million sacrificed birds to 26 million, respectively), the point is that now the broiler breeder flock was affected. Companies need to find out what is next in the business strategies.
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