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The hysteria of Listeria in meat

The recent outbreak of listeriosis in Spain highlights the importance of food safety, the use of food preservatives and consumers' trust.
Benjamín Ruiz analyzes the recent outbreak of listeriosis in Spain and its impact on animal protein production and consumers' trust.
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The healthiest fast food chicken

Like the Peruvians, the Portuguese love the grilled chicken that is prepared in “churrascarias.” It is their healthy fast food.
Benjamín Ruiz: "In this European country, there is no concern about chicken imports from large exporters such as Brazil, with which they are culturally linked. Portugueses do not like frozen meat."
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The silence of the chicken

With so much 'fake news,' the innocent chickens (and their industry fans) may have to stay better in silence, with no one to defend them?
Benjamín Ruiz: "I defend the poultry industry and speak in its favor because I know what I'm talking about. People speak without knowing, without having visited a modern processing plant."
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