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The “chicken or pasta” era may be flying away

To an average person, eating chicken or pasta inflight was almost customary; now no food is served on many flights any more

I am starting to sound like an old man, but traveling is not what it used to be. I am not talking about 50 years ago but rather only five years ago.

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Sorghum – the “forgotten” grain for poultry

Once a dominant grain for poultry feeds in countries like Mexico, now only 23% of feed grains is sorghum

We always hear about corn, the main grain market driver. But in certain countries, such as Mexico, sorghum or milo is still around, playing a role in the feed industry.

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Pope urges inclusion, but headlines say eat less meat

Pope Francis addressed the European youth in Prague with a message of having a humble life, but reduced meat consumption was the only part that made headlines

The European Union Youth Conference took place a few days ago in Prague, Czech Republic. Pope Francis made a speech to youngsters attending the event, and I knew about it because many headlines were about the Pope urging to eat less meat to save the planet. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Where will the world look for animal protein?

Brazil in particular, and Latin America in general, is the place where the poultry industry will grow in the future, and SIAVS is a good showcase for this

Coming soon is the International Poultry and Swine Show (SIAVS) to be held from August 9-11, 2022, at Anhembi venue in the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

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Climate concerns and eating animal protein in Latam

Questions rise about whether people are willing to reduce eating animal protein to positively affect climate change, but would they be willing to reduce other habits?

I never thought about how many people would be willing to give up animal protein as a consequence of climate concerns. 

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World per capita egg consumption record broken by Mexico, again

Mexicans consumed 409 eggs per person in 2021 moving further away from other high consumers: Japan and Colombia

While gathering data for Latin American production and consumption of chicken and eggs in 2021, I admit I was surprised by the annual per capita egg consumption of Mexico reported by the National Poultry Producers association – 409 eggs per person!

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