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Punishing Brazil's poultry industry: Profit for the EU?

The European Union's decision to ban chicken imports from 20 plants in Brazil may not be due solely to food safety. Is there something behind this?
Experts say that Brazilian poultry production, in all its aspects, is a model to observe and imitate. Then, what is the problem? Why is the European Union banning imports from Brazil?
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Tunnel vision in poultry production

Is there a rivalry between traditional and alternative poultry producers? If so, is there a way to fix it?
Perhaps a little more opening to alternative poultry production is needed because it could turn out to be an interesting business.
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Avian flu or the force awakens

What does it take to have better road surveillance? But, above all, how much longer will these intermediaries need to understand that these commercial transactions are pyrrhic?
Epidemiological surveillance works in Mexico, but there is still movement of birds. Result? New outbreaks of avian influenza, although they're already resolved.
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No cages and no antibiotics. Really?

Production without cages and without antibiotics, as well as alternative products, will not require a holistic approach.
What is needed to produce without antibiotics and without cages? Is this type of production possible? Benjamín Ruiz analyzes the matter.
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Would energy self-sufficiency improve poultry health?

The use of poultry manure to produce energy with biodigesters on the farm could be the solution to avoid contamination with this waste.
Producing energy in poultry farms sounds like a good idea, but it may also bring other benefits, such as eliminating a vector of disease dissemination.
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Having a breeder for dinner in Venezuela because of hunger

Reports indicate that Venezuelans steal the most expensive hens for consumption without knowing that they are made to produce eggs, and affecting the poultry industry in this South American country.
Scarcity has reached such a level that people without knowing what a breeding hen is —a very expensive hen, the one of the "golden eggs"— steals it to eat it. This is the comment of Benjamín Ruiz.
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Meatless days one more thorn in the flesh

“This society knows very little about chickens, but it interferes," and not just in chickens, but in all agricultural production. These are the words of Mário Penz, from Cargill Brazil, which are very illustrative of what it is happening today.
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