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The telephone game of chicken wings in China

Chinese first stop shipments, but in the end, they decide to accept them, with crazy intermediate measures
Frankly, I do not understand the actions of the authorities in China and Hong Kong with regard to chicken wings imported from Aurora Alimentos, from Brazil.
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Imported chicken with coronavirus: Another hoax?

China says a shipment of Brazilian chicken wings tested positive to SARS-COV-2, but where?
Last week, the government of the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen said that an analysis of a sample of frozen chicken wings imported from Brazil tested positive for the coronavirus. The alarms were triggered for fears of another wave of contagion, and so on.
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The UN vegan bomb that recently exploded

It is urgent that the livestock industry strengthen communications with the public to show what it is being done and to avoid being the villains.
On a quiet Saturday, July 25th, which might have been just like any other Saturday, the United Nations (U.N.) dropped a bomb, tweeting this: “The meat industry is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the world’s largest oil companies. Meat production contributes to the depletion of water resources & leads to deforestation.”
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A beam of infrared light for the well-being of poultry

Research in livestock production is reaching an ever-increasing level of sophistication, a fact that always escapes industry critics.
We have published a news item about a study by Canadian researchers using a Mid Infrared Spectromicroscopy beamline from a high brightness infrared synchrotron light.
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Let's be clear: Food doesn't spread COVID-19, OK?

Some media headlines insist on reporting contamination of the novel coronavirus in food, but then in the copy they say it doesn’t.
When we write to be published, we all want people to read what we write and we certainly try to make our headlines attractive with the least possible words. But does this mean that we distort information?
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