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Latin America Poultry at a Glance

A blog providing analysis of the poultry and feed industries in Latin America.

Why antibiotic-free poultry should be reconsidered

Antibiotic-free poultry production was the “topic” of the IPPE in Atlanta. But, can we believe that ABF will be applicable for the reality in Latin America?
Every January, during the International Production and Processing Expo in Atlanta, there is always a topic that everyone talks about, that is, "the topic" of the show. Sometimes it is avian influenza, sometimes mycotoxins, but I think this time it was antibiotic-free (ABF) poultry production.
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And now, will they go against fast-growing chickens?

Focusing on fast-growing chickens is contrary to the interest of much of the world.
In my last blog I was analyzing the situation of the present consumer demands concerning the use of cage-free eggs. However, I've always wondered what would happen with chickens, because they do not say much about them in terms of animal welfare.
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Bachoco is booming

A few days ago Bachoco announced the purchase of assets from Morris Hatchery in the state of Georgia, thus consolidating its presence in the US market.
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