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Roy Graber combines his Midwestern farming background with his knowledge of economics and agriculture policy to offer a deeper look at the poultry and pig industries.

In-N-Out chicken sandwich? It’s only make-believe

Video claiming there is a secret chicken sandwich at fast food chain was just a prank, company says
The chicken sandwich craze has become so large that now, people are imagining and fantasizing that their favorite eating establishments are serving them, when in fact, they are not.
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Many Top Feed Companies are also Top Poultry Companies

Newest Top Feed Companies report shows that 7 of world’s top 10 feed companies are also major broiler producers
With so many leading agrifood companies being vertically integrated, it should come as no surprise that many of the world’s top poultry companies are also top feed producers.
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Candy and chicken sandwich creators not airheads at all

Chicken sandwich fans may not think the Airheads Candy Chicken Sandy tastes good, but at least they are talking about the candy
National Fried Chicken Day, observed on July 6, has already came and went, but I couldn’t not blog about one of the most unique – and maybe even absurd – ways that some people marked the occasion.
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Could kosher chicken be in short supply?

Retailers say there is no evidence of such a shortage, but let's think about what could create one
It is pretty widely known that the supply of chicken meat, especially that of certain parts, is struggling to keep up with the demand.
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Cyberattack on JBS, acquisition has Aussies concerned

It has already been asked in the United States and now it is being asked in Australia: Is the meat industry becoming to consolidated?
Between the recent cyberattack and a pending acquisition of a major pork producer, JBS is undoubtedly on the minds of people in Australia more than it ordinarily would be.
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KFC wants to make a big difference in Littles’ lives

Quick service chain shows its support for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
It appears that at the present time, quick service restaurants in the United States are very focused on creating the best chicken sandwich possible. And while there is nothing wrong with that, it’s nice to learn that at least one is also giving back and making a difference in young people’s lives.
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MeatOut Day coming to Oklahoma? Not a chance!

When Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt is labeled by PETA as a ‘meathead,’ he laughs it off and grills steaks with the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association
What happened when People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) tried to insult Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt with a billboard calling him a “meathead” in his own state?
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