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Agrifood Angle

Roy Graber combines his Midwestern farming background with his knowledge of economics and agriculture policy to offer a deeper look at the poultry and pig industries.

Bryan Adams’ reckless pro-vegan post cuts like a knife

Rock musician says his Instagram post was meant to be against wet markets and in favor of veganism, but it was also taken as a xenophobic message
Regardless of the vegan retro rocker’s intentions, Bryan Adams, through an angry post on Instagram, has justifiably caused a lot of outrage.
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Response to plant closures, cullings could be less waste

Now that the public better understands the struggles of maintaining a supply of meat and poultry, will the consumers be less apt to let food go to waste?
It is difficult to remain positive as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to plague the meat and poultry industry, but I do believe I have discovered one thing good that may come from all of this.
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Wayne Farms chicken so popular it backs up traffic

Because of shortage of chicken at grocery stores amid COVID-19 pandemic, Wayne Farms holds a drive-through sale that attracted huge number of shoppers
If the Wayne Farms personnel ever questioned how much consumers in Albertville, Alabama, enjoy the company’s chicken products, there should be little doubt now.
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white eggs in carton

Hickman’s finds creative way to keep inmate labor

Hickman’s Family Farms works out deal with State of Arizona to build dormitory for female laborers so they can continue working without contributing to the risk of spreading or contracting COVID-19
When the Arizona Department of Corrections decided to at least temporarily pull inmate labor out of the public to minimize the spread of COVID-19, Hickman’s Family Farms stood to lose a meaningful portion of its workforce.
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dozen brown eggs

Maine Heritage Policy Center: Egg legislation ridiculous

Trying to mandate cage-free eggs is one thing, but to present it as an ‘emergency’ is another, government watchdog says
A proposed bill that would mandate that all eggs raised and sold in Maine is under consideration, and one government watchdog didn’t pull any punches when describing his opinions about it.
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Tornado’s toll on Tennessee poultry industry limited

Only damage reported by Tennessee Poultry Association occurred at Tennessee State University
My heart goes out to people who experienced losses when an EF-4 tornado touched down in the early morning hours of March 3. But as is the case with all tragic events, there are also things for which we can be thankful.
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