What happened when People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) tried to insult Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt with a billboard calling him a “meathead” in his own state?

Well, Stitt wore it as a badge of honor, and he recently used it as an opportunity to promote and show his appreciation for the state’s meat and livestock industry.

Not quite two months after Colorado Gov. Jared Polis proclaimed a MeatOut Day, Stitt has made it clear he has no intention of following the example of his neighbors to the northwest. Take a peek at Stitt’s Facebook page, and you’ll see a video with him grilling steaks with members of the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association (OCA), with all parties involved seen enjoying themselves.

“You know, agriculture is such a huge part of our state. It actually employs 110,000 Oklahomans. We sold $5.3 billion worth of product last year so (I’m) just excited to be out here to support them and kind of have a little fun at PETA’s expense,” said Stitt.

Michael Kelsey, executive vice president of the OCA, expressed on the video his appreciation of a pro-agriculture governor.

“It is such a pleasure to brag on a governor who is so pro-animal agriculture, pro-cattle, and gets it. We’ve got friends in the crop industry and even in the other animal agriculture (sectors, like) pork and poultry. He understands that these are families … that are raising food for not only Oklahoma, but for the world. He gets that. He understands that.”

While Stitt clearly showed his preference for eating meat, he also believes in freedom of choice, and he won’t think ill of those people who choose to follow PETA’s urgings to adopt a vegan diet, he understands that is still part of personal freedoms that Oklahomans have.

“We’re going to stand by our agriculture industry and our personal freedoms and the freedom to go vegan if you want or the freedom to eat hamburgers if you want.”