With so many leading agrifood companies being vertically integrated, it should come as no surprise that many of the world’s top poultry companies are also top feed producers.

WATT Global Media’s Top Companies surveys cover both sectors, and with the recent release of the past year’s World’s Top Feed Companies rankings in the July-August edition of Feed Strategy, I thought it would be the opportune time to take a peek at who is on that list.

Not surprisingly, the 12 largest feed companies in the world are producers of both poultry and pig feed. Focusing on poultry alone, all but four of the globe’s 100 largest feed companies produce poultry feed.

Seven of Top 10 Feed Companies are also Top Poultry Companies

Thailand’s Charoen Pokphand Group (CP Group) retained its spot as the world’s largest feed producer, with an annual production of 27,650,000 metric tons, nearly 7 million metric tons more than the No. 2 company, New Hope Group.

When you take a look at the World’s Top Poultry Companies rankings from last October’s edition of Poultry International, you will see that CP Group is the world’s sixth largest poultry company, and New Hope Group ranks fourth globally.

Coming in third globally as a feed producer is Cargill. The diversified company is the world’s 13th largest broiler producer, but it also ranks third in the United States as a turkey producer.

Another notable top 10 feed producers is Wen’s Food Group. The Chinese company ranks fifth in the world both as a feed producer and a broiler producer.

The world’s seventh and eighth largest feed producers are both agrifood companies headquartered in Brazil but with a presence in multiple countries. Those two companies, JBS and BRF, respectively rank seventh and eighth as feed producers and first and third as broiler producers.

The second largest poultry producer in the world, U.S.-based Tyson Foods, is tied with Netherlands-based ForFarmers as the world’s ninth largest feed company.

Others ranking among top 50 of both lists

Dig a little deeper and you will find other companies that rank among the top 50 on both lists. Notable examples are Royal Arab Company for Livestock Development, Saudia Arabia; Harim Group, South Korea; Bachoco, Mexico; Veronesi, Italy; San Miguel Pure Foods, Philippines; and Sanderson Farms, Koch Foods, and Mountaire Farms, all of the United States.

Top Feed Companies that are also Top Egg Companies

CP Group, Arab Company for Livestock Development, and Bachoco were all previously mentioned as top companies in both the broiler and feed lists, but they also are among the world’s Top 25 Egg Producers. You will find that there are other top egg producers that are also top feed producers. Among the largest egg producers in the world that are also leading feed companies are the world’s top 2 egg companies, U.S.-based Cal-Maine Foods and Mexico-based PROAN. France-based Avril Group also made both lists.

There is a lot of interesting data gathered in these Top Companies surveys. I’d encourage you to dig around and see what you will learn.