While information on some confirmed cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in Canada has not been released, the 2022 outbreak has affected commercial broilers, layers, turkeys, ducks, geese and gamebirds in the country.

As of April 22, there were 33 HPAI cases in Canada, according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), but when the CFIA announces confirmed cases, it only reveals the location and not the affected species or the number of birds in the flock. CFIA, however, does report its outbreaks to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) which later discloses further information on these cases.

Details on 10 of those 33 cases have not yet been released by OIE.

In addition, information on some of those cases is also vague on the type of flocks involved. Ten cases are only identified as “poultry” flocks, and at least 52,138 birds in operations identified as such have been affected. There are also two affected flocks only identified as “chicken breeders,” with 50,580 birds affected.

Of the more specifically reported cases, the turkey industry and duck industry have been the most affected in terms of infected premises, but it is the duck industry that has lost the most birds, followed closely by the broiler industry.

Turkey industry losses

According to the OIE, seven reported cases of HPAI in Canada have been in commercial turkey flocks, with a total of 113,473 birds affected. The first case was confirmed in Nova Scotia on January 30.

There was also a case of HPAI in a Canadian turkey breeder flock, involving 5,778 birds.

Broiler industry losses

Four confirmed cases of HPAI have been reported by the OIE. Those losses amount to 211,991 birds. Among those is the only confirmed case of HPAI in British Columbian poultry, which involved more than 53,000 chickens.

Egg industry losses

OIE information reveals that two layer flocks have been infected with HPAI, with 77,374 birds affected. The virus has also been found in three layer breeder flocks, with 129,520 birds affected.

Duck industry losses

There are presently seven reported cases of HPAI in commercial duck flocks, with 263,227 birds affected. There was also a premises that was infected that was identified as a duck and geese breeding facility. There, 2,160 birds were affected.

Gamebird losses

One commercial gamebird operation has been affected by HPAI in Canada. This case is in Mountain View County, Alberta, with 662 birds affected.

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