I had seen those circles with a beaver wearing a baseball cap for quite some time, but never really knew what it meant. It wasn’t a sports mascot or a known cartoon character – I knew that much – but it obviously represented something that meant something to people.

But my wife at least knew that beaver was Buc-ee, and he was a store mascot.

Recently on a family vacation, we started to see signs that showed that famous beaver. And when approaching Denton, Texas, we were ready for a break from the road, so we pulled over.

We approached a packed parking lot, and there was practically an uncountable amount of gas pumps.

This was no ordinary truck stop/gas station/convenience store. I had always thought Love’s and Casey’s had mastered the whole marketing thing for this type of business, but no. Nothing comes close to Buc-ee’s in this category.

There were souvenirs galore, camping gear, travel gear, collectables, and an insane amount of snacks and drinks, many of which carrying the Buc-ee’s logo. We gathered a little of all of that. They even had a beef jerky counter, manned like a deli counter at the grocery store. You could sample every flavor you wanted. And I noticed they had turkey jerky too, which was really good, but I settled on buying the Bohemian garlic flavor of beef jerky, and my son got some lemon pepper beef jerky.

Somehow we got out of there with enough of our vacation budget still intact that we could keep going. We had just experienced something really cool.

Mind you, Buc-ee’s wasn’t the highlight of the trip, but it was cool enough we decided to stop back by on our way home.  

I noticed on the first visit Buc-ee’s even had a center area where they cut up meats and had sandwiches for sale, but it wasn’t meal time. It was close enough this time around, so I went. As I mentioned earlier, we kind of have our own turkey sandwich craze going on, and I saw there were barbecue turkey sandwiches at Buc-ee’s. This is what I needed to have.

Boy howdy, it was good. Nice thick pieces of turkey breast meat, but not to thick. The sauce was generously applied, and even possibly there could have been a little more, but it wasn’t too messy for the Buc-ee’s customer on the go. The bun was thick and fresh, just like I like. And they didn’t go and throw any unnecessary vegetables on it, either.

Buc-ee’s locations are primarily in Texas, but there are also stores in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina and Tennessee and it’s my understanding more states will be added to that list.

If you haven’t been to a Buc-ee’s, don’t miss the chance when you get it. And know that it’s barbecue turkey sandwiches come highly recommended.