When I saw a commercial on television advertising the new Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich at Wendy’s, I decided it was something I needed to try.

It looked good, as I’m a fan of even mediocre Italian-esqe food. Plus, the commercial featured grown men were playing tug of war with the sandwich, stringing out the cheese like a Stretch Armstrong doll, that made it even more appealing for some reason. Why wouldn’t I want one of these?

Wendy’s describes the new offering as such: “A juicy, lightly breaded crispy chicken breast, topped with deep-fried melty mozzarella, Asiago cheese and rich marinara sauce all on a garlic knot bun. Turns out, the best appetizer platter is a single sandwich.”

But for now, I’ll have to take the chain’s word for it.

During a trip to Wendy’s earlier this week, I was all excited to order it. I was informed they were out of the chicken patties that go with this sandwich. The gentleman taking my order could tell I was crestfallen, immediately apologizing and suggesting I try the similar Italian Mozzarella Cheeseburger. I thought on it a little while before deciding to take that route.

While waiting for my food, I wondered if this would end up being a similar situation with what happened with Popeyes and Wingstop when they offered new chicken sandwiches and then supplies ran out on a companywide scale. Or was it unique to this particular location?

Then, a staff member called out my name. I went to the counter, and she informed me they were out of the garlic knot buns that were featured in both sandwiches. This just wasn’t my day.

But then I thought and told her I wouldn’t be “bun-specific” and that any ol’ bun would do.

Once I got my alternative-bunned Italian Mozzarella Cheeseburger, it was very good. And it made sense to me why various ingredients of its Italian sandwiches were in short supply. I anxiously await when I actually get a chance to try the chicken variety of this.

Have you had one yet? If so, let me know how it was. I might just need to wait longer than I’d like.