Ever since 2020, when Ander Christensen made a passionate speech in front of the Lincoln (Nebraska) City Council about how the term “boneless wings” should be eliminated, he has become accustomed people associating him with discontent over the marketing term.

But he wants people to know that when a class action lawsuit was recently filed against Buffalo Wild Wings, accusing them of false and deceptive marketing, he was not involved.

In fact, he wishes the plaintiff, Aimen Halim, hadn’t done that.

Halim claimed in the lawsuit he thought the products promoted as boneless wings and if he had known they were actually breast meat, he wouldn’t have purchased them.

Christensen, in his speech to the Lincoln City Council, also pointed out that boneless wings weren’t really wings, and suggested at the time the alternative term, “saucy nugs.” Video footage of that meeting then went viral and Christensen then earned the monikers of “saucy nugs guy” and “saucy nugs dude.”

While Christensen admits he first thought the lawsuit was an “interesting” way to go about making a change, he didn’t think that is an appropriate way of doing so.

“I personally have qualms about suing an individual restaurant over this,” said, Christensen. “My attitude is, ‘don’t hurt restaurants.’ Those people don’t need their lives to be any more difficult.”

He further researched Halim, and learned that this same person filed a lawsuit against granola bar company Kind LLC, alleging that the company falsely markets its granola as being a high source of fiber.

And that led Christensen, to suspect something many of us have been thinking all along.

“This isn’t someone who is really passionate about things. I think he just wants to make a quick buck,” he said.

And Christensen urges others not to follow Halim’s lead.

“If what you are doing is hurting people that are trying to provide a service or products, leave them alone, unless the products are actually dangerous or causing health problems,” he said.