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Roy Graber combines his Midwestern farming background with his knowledge of economics and agriculture policy to offer a deeper look at the poultry and pig industries.

Sanderson Farms set a good corporate example

Company could have stayed silent about controversial legislation with which it disagreed, but it didn’t
You need not be a supporter of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) movement to appreciate what Sanderson Farms has done.
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Maine governor: HSUS ‘was cruel’ to Hillandale hens

Gov. Paul LePage says HSUS representative simply left camera rolling instead of trying to prevent hens from suffering
It would appear that Maine Gov. Paul LePage has a bone to pick with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) over the methods the organization used to create an undercover video at a Hillandale Farms egg operation in the state he governs.
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Confusion over cage-free egg pledges continues

Taco Bell’s latest announcement reveals an apparent oversight others likely made when committing to source only cage-free eggs
It’s been said and blogged before that many, if not all, of the cage-free purchase pledges made by restaurant companies are a little vague, if not confusing.
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A new twist to ag-gag action in New South Wales?

Government officials discuss stripping animal rights groups of their charitable status if they are caught trespassing to expose animal mistreatment
Ag-gag laws have been discussed in many U.S. states as a way to prevent animal rights activists from unethically recording undercover videos at animal agricultural operations. But not everybody thinks such laws should exist.
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Obama antibiotics proclamation points no fingers at ag

U.S. president proclaims November 13-19 Get Smart About Antibiotics Week
Animal agriculture far too often gets more than its fair share of the blame for the global problem of antibiotic resistance, so when I saw that U.S. President Barack Obama proclaimed November 13-19 as Get Smart About Antibiotics Week, I had to see what he had to say.
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