News and analysis on the global poultry
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Agrifood Angle

Roy Graber combines his Midwestern farming background with his knowledge of economics and agriculture policy to offer a deeper look at the poultry and pig industries.

Chew and Swallow: UEP, Mike Rowe partners in PR project

Website educates consumers about the origins of their food in an entertaining way
Television star Mike Rowe, United Egg Producers (UEP) President Chad Gregory and dairy farmers Mike and Sue McCloskey all have one thing in common: They want people to be knowledgeable and appreciative of the people who raise their foods.
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Duvall brings poultry viewpoint to American Farm Bureau

Recently elected as president of American Farm Bureau Federation, Zippy Duvall brings first-hand knowledge of poultry production to post
When American Farm Bureau Federation elected Vincent “Zippy” Duvall as its president in January, the nation’s largest grassroots farm and ranch organization gained a leader with personal experience in the poultry industry.
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Smithfield Foods CEO: We ‘finally got it right’ in 2015

Pork company has experienced great financial success since restructuring through the One Smithfield initiative
It was roughly one year ago when Smithfield Foods announced it was restructuring in what it called the “One Smithfield” initiative. It appears the company’s new CEO couldn’t be more pleased with how the initiative has worked so far.
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Is Von Miller a potential poultry industry MVP?

Super Bowl star hopes for second career in poultry production
Most people who even marginally follow professional football in the United States already know that the Denver Broncos’ Von Miller was named the most valuable player (MVP) during Super Bowl 50. But there is one thing that many people may not know: The guy knows a thing or two about poultry.
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Maple Leaf Foods finds fitting spokesperson for protein

Hockey star Hayley Wickenheiser brings authority to message of getting protein through meat and poultry
Celebrity spokespeople have been around for generations, but once in a while, you learn of one who is actually authoritative on the topic being promoted and can have a meaningful influence.
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Hot under the collar over COOL

Looming tariffs on U.S. goods could and should have been avoided
The news that the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled that Canada and Mexico could place more than $1 billion in tariffs on U.S. goods was upsetting.
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Quick video shares much about animal antibiotic use

Video released by the Center for Accountability in Science debunks common myths about antibiotics in animal production
If you’ve ever been in a debate about antibiotics in animal production, you may have spent what seemed like a lot of time explaining that responsible use of antibiotics to prevent or treat disease is a good thing and that there are no antibiotic residues in the food you eat.
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Hormel Foods eager to revitalize Jennie-O Turkey Store

Company ready to return to normalized volumes, profitability during second half of 2016, provided avian influenza stays away
The second half of fiscal year 2015 hasn’t been easy for Hormel Foods subsidiary Jennie-O Turkey Store, but Hormel executives are hopeful the business segment can be revitalized during the second half of 2016.
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10 details you may not know about presidents and turkeys

Unofficial, self-appointed presidential turkey historian shares knowledge of the National Thanksgiving Turkey
Most U.S. presidential historians tend to focus most of their attention on topics such as foreign policy or economic policy. Ira Brill, however, has a much more specialized area of expertise.
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