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Humane League: You pledged cage-free eggs, so back it up

Animal rights group calls out companies it feels have done little to update consumers on progress of cage-free egg promises
Several hundred businesses – including restaurants, food processors, foodservice companies, grocery retailers, travel and hospitality companies, and distributors -- pledged several years ago that they would transition their entire egg supply to cage-free eggs.
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Phony pork CEO makes Fox eat crow. Learn from it

Direct Action Everywhere activist fools Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo into thinking he is the CEO of Smithfield Foods. Don’t think something like this won’t happen again.
Animal rights activists, including those from Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), have a well-earned reputation about lying about their identity to further their cause.
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Where’s Coach Luther Van Dam when agriculture needs him?

Fictional coach’s concerns about feeding a growing population nearly 30 years ago are still relatable today
A common question asked among agrifood professionals, whether while speaking at industry events or within their own operations is, “How are we going to feed a growing world population?”
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6 COVID-19 thoughts from Ron Prestage

Leader of pork and turkey company shares insights on the pandemic and its impact on business
Ron Prestage, president of pork and turkey company Prestage Farms, offered an abundance of insights on COVID-19 and its impact on business while speaking during the recent Iowa Farm Bureau Annual Meeting webinar series.
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Trump saves his best turkey pardon for last

President keeps 2020 National Thanksgiving Turkey celebration positive and nonpartisan
The annual National Thanksgiving Turkey ceremony was a nice one to be remembered, or at least it was from the perspective of watching the video of it online.
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A sneak peek at the 2020 presidential turkeys

Corn and Cob make their way from the Ron Kardel Farm to the nation’s capital
Many annual traditions have understandably had to be postponed in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But luckily, the presentation of the National Thanksgiving Turkey will not be one of them.
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Post-2020 election immigration reform? Don’t count on it

Lobbyists say Congress not likely to reach a consensus on immigration reform, regardless of who is president
While much of the greater agrifood industry has wanted the federal government to act on immigration reform to better meet its need for workers, it does not seem likely that such reform will come soon, a panel of lobbyists said.
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‘Spring chicken’ takes on a whole new meaning

Idaho man banned from Yellowstone National Park after trying to cook chickens in one of its hot springs
It may seem unnecessary to advise against cooking chickens in a hot spring at Yellowstone National Park, but one man evidently didn't hear that advice.
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