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Agrifood Angle

Roy Graber combines his Midwestern farming background with his knowledge of economics and agriculture policy to offer a deeper look at the poultry and pig industries.

Beef takes heat in new Chain Reaction antibiotics report

Rather than examining antibiotic use in supply chain for all meat and poultry products, the 2018 Chain Reaction report focuses on hamburgers
For the past three years, the Chain Reaction report on antibiotic use in the supply chain for the top U.S. restaurant chains has graded those chains on their antibiotic use in all species of meat animals, including chicken, turkeys, pigs and beef cattle.
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McDonald’s shareholder has it wrong on broiler welfare

Retirement fund that holds more than 2 million McDonald’s shares makes questionable push to change broiler welfare policy
Shareholder activism has hit McDonald’s, as a holder of more than 2 million shares of its stock wants the fast-food chain to make changes to its policy on broiler welfare.
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‘I Love’ former Tyson Foods pitchman Tom T. Hall

Musician who appeared in Tyson television commercials in the early ’80s was recently inducted into Bill Monroe Bluegrass Hall of Fame
I have met or corresponded with many people affiliated with Tyson Foods as an adult, and I am extremely grateful to have made those connections.
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Lawyers claiming poultry sector collusion have no shame

Self-promotional press releases, inaccurate depiction of modern poultry production put law firms’ credibility in question
Lawsuits alleging the United States’ top poultry companies colluded in an effort to raise the price of chicken continue to be filed, and at the same time, I continue to shake my head.
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Unlikely adversaries: PETA and Impossible Foods

Animal rights group upset because laboratory rats were used to test plant-based burgers
One wouldn’t think that an animal rights group like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) would have a beef with a company that makes plant-based protein products, but that is what has happened.
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Is plant closure bad omen for Global Animal Partnership?

‘Economics’ cited as reason for closure of one plant that processed GAP-certified poultry
The slower-growing broiler and Global Animal Partnership (GAP) movements recently suffered a setback, as it was announced that the Crystal Lake Farms poultry processing plant in Jay, Oklahoma, would be shutting down.
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Trump could use John Mellencamp as an ag adviser

Rock musician knew decades ago that farmers want export markets and strong prices, not government aid
When the Trump administration announced a week ago a $12 billion aid package to help U.S. farmers who have been hurt by tariffs on agricultural goods, a common response by federal lawmakers and agriculture trade groups was that type of financial assistance isn’t really what the farmers want.
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Poultry is now an election issue in Kansas

Gubernatorial candidates for the first time are being asked questions about poultry plants and farms in the state
During election years in Kansas, it is expected that agricultural issues can be discussed. But not until this year had the poultry industry ever entered the conversation.
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