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Perdue No Antibiotics

Senator’s comments cause problems for Perdue Farms

Poultry company takes to Twitter to assure consumers Sen. David Perdue is not affiliated, despite the same name
Perdue Farms was put in a position to where it had to defend itself after a U.S. senator, also named Perdue, made comments that were disrespectful to fellow senator and vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris.
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Bacon-scented masks? Color me curious

Hormel Foods launches Black Label Breathable Bacon masks and drawing to win them
Hormel Foods, parent company of Black Label Bacon, has found a way to make donning a mask not only a health-conscious thing to do as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, but also something that can be pleasing to the senses.
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How will California’s Proposition 12 affect Hormel Foods?

Company is trying to make sure it understands the rules and is ready to comply with them
Most of our coverage of California’s Proposition 12 law has centered around how it will impact egg producers in the United States, but we shouldn't forget about its impact on pork producers and their growers.
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Why some farmers support a Biden presidency

Farmers roundtable participants share thoughts about how Biden Plan for Rural America will improve the economic health of US farmers
What will the U.S. agriculture industry be like under a Joe Biden presidency and Kamala Harris vice presidency?
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Kansas Ag Growth Summit a treasure trove of information

Online sessions offered insights pertinent to wide variety of agricultural sectors
With so many people working from home today, it would benefit all of us to find online learning resources. This includes industry events that ordinarily would have been held in person, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic are now being held virtually.
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