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Agrifood Angle

Roy Graber combines his Midwestern farming background with his knowledge of economics and agriculture policy to offer a deeper look at the poultry and pig industries.

Activist shareholder proposals can jeopardize company

By buying shares in a company, animal activists can propose resolutions that can harm companies and those with whom they source animal protein products
Shareholder activisim is a growing challenge for those in the meat, poultry and dairy industries, and one that isn’t likely to go away anytime soon.
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How bipartisan are Senate Chicken Caucus members?

Bipartisan index released by Lugar Center and Georgetown University rank senators on their record of bipartisanship
The Senate Chicken Caucus formed in 2013 with the intent of being a bipartisan group of U.S. Senators with a common interest in the chicken industry.
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Trillium says in documentary it was naïve to trafficking

‘Trafficking in America” takes deeper look at human trafficking ring and how it found Trillium Farms
An executive vice president with Trillium Farms recently acknowledged he was naïve to a human trafficking ring in which children were taken out of Guatemala and forced by a third-party to work at a Trillium egg production facility in Ohio.
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Should White Castle plant-based burgers be concerning?

Quick service restaurant chain is testing meatless slider at select restaurants
As the plant-based protein industry continues to grow, it seemed like it was only a matter of time before meatless protein products hit the masses through the quick service restaurant (QSR) channel.
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Is a non-partisan farm bill possible in 2018?

House Democrats, Republicans already complaining about partisan behavior in farm bill deliberations
The House Agriculture Committee advanced its draft of the 2018 farm bill out of committee just six days after it was introduced, which should have sounded like good news.
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Un restaurante de McDonalds

Animal activists attack McDonald’s over broiler welfare

Compassion in World Farming claims to be ‘working closely with McDonald’s’ but instead launches a campaign that accuses chain of insufficient welfare standards
Despite having announced a broiler welfare policy in October 2017, McDonald’s has been targeted by a coalition of six animal rights groups, who are pushing the fast-food chain to “do better for chickens.”
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Avian influenza Northey

Senators, including Ted Cruz, praising Bill Northey

After lengthy delay fueled by ethanol debate, Iowa secretary of agriculture is confirmed to USDA leadership post
U.S. senators, including Ted Cruz, are saying good things about the confirmation of Bill Northey as the under secretary of agriculture for farm production and conservation.
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Iowa egg legislation an example worth following

If Iowa passes bill requiring stores to carry conventional eggs, and others follow suit, the consumers will triumph over the activists
A bill has been proposed in Iowa that would require stores that sell eggs to make sure conventional eggs are available. Other states should do the same.
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