News and analysis on the global poultry
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Animal Agribusiness Angle

Roy Graber, staff reporter for WATTAgNet, combines his Midwestern farming background with his knowledge of economics and agriculture policy to offer a deeper look at the poultry and pig industries.

US poultry could lose with Trump’s Mexican tariff plan

Should Mexico decide to retaliate, poultry industry could be a target
Those in the U.S. agriculture industry have reason to be concerned about President Donald Trump’s May 30 announcement that he intends to levy 5 percent tariffs on Mexican imports as a way to pressure Mexico to improve border security measures.
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Sanderson: ASF alone won’t justify building new plant

Poultry company does have visions of building another processing facility, but it would be for reasons external to reduction of animal protein supply
At a time when the African swine fever outbreak in China is reducing the global supply of animal protein, and some of that lost pork supply could lead to increased consumption of chicken, Sanderson Farms executives say it would not make sense to build a new poultry plant to meet that demand for protein.
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Have you ever eaten a ‘dinner egg?’

New campaign from American Egg Board takes a humorous approach to get people to think about eating eggs outside of breakfast
For far too long, eggs have had a reputation as a breakfast food. Sure, people will on occasion have eggs as part of a main course for another meal, but those in the egg industry would like to see more of that.
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New Pilgrim’s Pride CEO addresses impacts of ASF

African swine fever outbreak is expected help to increase demand for chicken and decrease feed costs, Jayson Penn says
The global African swine fever situation’s impact on Pilgrim’s Pride and the rest of the poultry industry is not lost on Jayson Penn, the company’s new global president and CEO.
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Will Hormel suit outcome signal end of ‘natural’ label?

Court determines company was not being deceptive with use of the word ‘natural,’ but public is learning that such a label doesn’t mean much
The overuse of labels on meat and poultry products has been the topic of many discussions, and the consensus reached in most of those discussions I have heard is many of those labels are meaningless.
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Chicken nugget labels must mean something to HuffPost

Review offers recommendations on chicken nugget products viewed as healthy and those seen as less favorable
If you haven’t seen the recent review in the Huffington Post that lists what a panel of dietitians have listed as the healthiest frozen chicken nuggets, the ones that are “iffy” and the ones to avoid, it is worth reading.
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