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Austin Alonzo, editor of WATT Poultry USA, examines hot topics surrounding the US poultry industry as it deals with a changing consumer, emerging animal welfare concerns and other disruptive challenges.

Goodbye COVID, hello cybercrime

The poultry industry must prepare for the growing threat posed by ransomware.
Now that the threat of COVID-19 is fading, the U.S. poultry industry must turn its attention to the urgent threat posed by emboldened cybercriminals.
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Americans will fly again in 2021

If Americans feel comfortable aboard a full commercial aircraft, it signifies a forthcoming recovery in foodservice demand.
After a year of serious restrictions imposed due to the national COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are planning on flying around the country this summer for both business and pleasure.
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Case Farms chicken

Nicholas Kristof's chicken column misses the mark

The New York Times op-ed writer got the chicken industry wrong in a February 2021 column.
A recent op-ed piece published in the New York Times is below the standards of that organization, and its author, and does a disservice to its readers and the industry it criticizes by publishing falsehoods and misleading statements.
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