Blockchain is a new technology with strong potential to help farmers and retailers increase efficiency and product traceability.

As part of the 2019 Poultry Tech Summit in Atlanta, Xavier Wagner, CEO of Belgian livestock farming data sharing, valuation and traceability platform startup Applifarm will speak about how blockchain can improve farm-to-fork transparency in the poultry industry.

Using the blockchain

The world is getting smart. Cheap, easy to use sensors and the widespread availability of Wi-Fi and high-speed internet in the developed world is fostering the development and spread of internet connected, so-called smart devices.

The revolution is coming to agriculture. The number of connected, smart devices in agriculture is projected to skyrocket in the near future. More smart devices generating more data points creates greater opportunities for successfully utilizing the blockchain.

In a food supply chain, the blockchain – an encrypted digital ledger shared by multiple partners – helps provide permanent transparency and validation of transactions. Each step in the supply chain is saved, creating a history of the product as it goes from the grower to the grocer. Wagner expects this coalition of data to create new services and bring added transparency and traceability to the food chain.

The poultry industry can benefit from using the blockchain because its data points are scattered between companies and locales. The supply chain includes: grocers, food manufacturers, processing facilities, integrators, hatcheries, breeding and genetics companies, auditing organizations, veterinarians, etc.

Applifarm is a startup founded by Neovia, Innoval, Ceva Animal Health, Eilyps, Cogedis and Adisseo in 2017. Wagner has been the firm’s CEO since its inception and is in charge of defining both the strategy and business model of the company.

The Poultry Tech Summit is presented by WATT Global Media in collaboration with the Georgia Tech Research Institute, USPOULTRY, and the University of Georgia with support from the World’s Poultry Science Association. The event will be held November 20-22 at the Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center. Registration is now open.