Using robotics in the poultry house can help create a healthier, more productive growing environment, according to a new company.

As part of the 2019 Poultry Tech Summit in Atlanta, Shane Kiernan, CEO of Dublin-based Iamus Technologies will speak about the current state of robotics in broiler production and how his company utilizes greater data collection to enable better growing environments.

Using robots to increase efficiency

Annually, 62.6 billion chickens are raised for consumption. Unfortunately, an estimated $6 billion is lost through suboptimal management of the growing environment. Greater capture and utilization of metrics monitoring bird health, weight and feed consumption could improve the grower’s ability to raise healthy birds. When the farm environment is optimal, birds can express their full genetic potential for the best feed conversion and greatest uniformity.

Kiernan will explain how Iamus, using artificial intelligence and robotics, empowers data-driven improvements in poultry production resulting in more profitable environments. The company estimates that through optimizing the poultry growing environment that it can unlock over $10 million in annual savings for a processor growing 100 million birds. A larger processor, with nearly 2 billion birds processed annually, could save as much as $260 million, it estimates.

Iamus is an agricultural technology company that uses machine learning to turn visual, environmental and biometric bird and farm information into actionable data for poultry producers. The company was founded by Kiernan in 2018 in order to bring robotic and AI solutions to the poultry industry.

The Poultry Tech Summit is presented by WATT Global Media in collaboration with the Georgia Tech Research Institute, USPOULTRY, and the University of Georgia with support from the World’s Poultry Science Association. The event will be held November 20-22 at the Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center. Registration is now open.