A new product can help poultry growers see key data they couldn’t before and reveal new insights for better performance.

As part of the 2019 Poultry Tech Summit in Atlanta, Miguel Damas de Matos, business development director at Portuguese farm data platform startup FarmCloud will speak about how his company’s product collects real-time data from poultry farms in order to enable quicker decisions.

A cloud-based controller platform

Matos said FarmCloud helps poultry producers better understand and operate their houses by serving as a platform to display real-time and historical data from all of the climate and feed controllers present in a poultry house. Its technology allows for agnostic communication with different programming languages and protocols used by different controller suppliers.

The platform enables real-time, data centralization of controllers, making it a part of the Internet of Things and big data revolution beginning in animal agriculture. This product is also different because it allows producers to move away from outdated ways of storing data and allows them to see all of their data in one place.

FarmCloud can help collect better information at the farm level, which is invaluable for finding opportunities for more efficient production. Using data collected through the platform, poultry producers can optimize their processes and store data helpful in supply chain transparency.

FarmCloud delivers a single, cloud-based platform with full access to climate and feeding controllers regardless of manufacturer. Matos has worked in the optimization of livestock production since 2014 and is responsible for the company’s management.

The Poultry Tech Summit is presented by WATT Global Media in collaboration with the Georgia Tech Research Institute, USPOULTRY, and the University of Georgia with support from the World’s Poultry Science Association. The event will be held November 20-22 at the Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center. Registration is now open.