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Update on Latin American Poultry

Alexander Barajas Maldonado offers a blog specializing on Latin American poultry topics, such as corn, soybeans, chicken, eggs and derivatives, animal welfare, sanitary standards, customs and promotion standards.

Chicken and eggs, aren't they so sacred for Holy Week?

17 out of every 100 inhabitants of this world claim to be Catholic, almost half of them in Latin America. More by tradition than by dogma, this population prefers fish over chicken white meat during the so-called Holy Days. Is this coherent?
Chicken and eggs are healthy and much cheaper than other food, so they may well accompany the diet of more than 1,100 million Catholics during the Holy Week. Why not?
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Tradable poultry goods: chickens, eggs, and energy?

Beyond the energetic self-sufficiency, thanks to new technologies and regulations, the days in which efforts of poultry producers aimed at the sustainability of their business can be directly monetized are not far.
There are countries buying surplus energy that poultry companies generate for their production. How many countries will join the trend? Could it be a new way for poultry companies to get money?
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Incredible: Venezuela will advise on poultry production!

Perhaps the only country in the region (and perhaps in the Western Hemisphere) where the poultry business has decreased more than 50 percent, will now teach another country how to improve its depressed poultry industry.
The agreement between Venezuela and Palestine was signed on January 18 and touches the poultry, agricultural, health, tourism and mining markets.
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Carne de pollo

Colombia's two logistical barriers block chicken imports

While Colombian chicken meat defends itself with quality and freshness, deficient roads and increasing production help keep competition at bay.
It is hard to believe that a huge exporter of chicken meat, such as the United States, has not been able to take advantage of the entire quota of chicken meat with zero tariff in a country that offers it.
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avian influenza Iowa

How much longer will ‘our luck’ with avian flu last?

What makes the South American poultry industry relatively immune to this problem?
Avian influenza outbreaks already occur with such frequency in Europe and North America that there is no lack of reason for those who propose to accept the endemic nature of the disease and to act to mitigate each outbreak's damages to the international chicken meat trade.
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