News and analysis for the global poultry industry.

The Chicken and the Egg

Deven King, managing editor of Egg Industry magazine, offers her outlook on the issues affecting chicken and egg production, along with the happenings in the global feed and grain industries.

QSR breakfast burgers could increase egg sales

Quick service restaurants like McDonald's do not offer a burger with an egg on it, but they along with the egg producer could benefit from the additional menu item.
The American Egg Board (AEB) introduced a new social marketing campaign in July called #WEGGSDAY. The idea behind the campaign is to increase the usage and consumption of eggs mid-week among current egg consumers.
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COVID-19 will shape the next generation of employees

As the pandemic continues to impact daily life, its long-term effects on the next generation of employees could make it harder for those individuals to be utilized when the time comes.
Economic, historical, social and cultural experiences influence career choices. What could this mean for future poultry farm employees?
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Explaining sustainability could benefit livestock producers

With so much of the focus on animal welfare, the livestock industry could benefit from explaining why welfare and sustainability do not always go hand in hand
It would behoove poultry and livestock producers to come up with common measurements for "sustainability" and not just let activists do this.
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COVID-19: Plant-based, specialty product sales may drop

Many companies made big investments into the production of specialty products before COVID-19 hit the US, destroyed the economy and left customers with the need for comfort food.
A down economy and the need for comfort food may minimize the sales of plant-based meats and other specialty products.
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PETA uses COVID-19 to further its agenda

The organization has written letters to multiple CEOs, explaining that COVID-19 is reason to stop producing livestock meat and restructure business models
PETA fails to address the fact that you cannot get COVID-19 from meat and instead of addressing concern for the employees who are considered essential, they tried to further the organization's agenda.
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