News and analysis on the global poultry
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The Chicken and the Egg

Deven King, managing editor of Egg Industry magazine, offers her outlook on the issues affecting chicken and egg production, along with the happenings in the global feed and grain industries.

Will the ‘anti-vaxxers' demand vaccine-free poultry?

Claims such as antibiotic free and hormone free are increasingly used by poultry marketers, confusing consumers with multitude of label messages, is vaccine free next?
What happens when our anti-vaxxer consumer becomes concerned with the idea that a vaccine may give chicken, hog, or cattle some sort of permanent health issues, like the ones they claim can result from human vaccination?
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Domino’s Pizza continues to support animal agriculture

As the alternative meat craze continues and animal welfare questions linger, it is nice to see national chains supporting the animal agriculture industry
"We will never tell a farmer how to farm. We will never tell a rancher how to raise his or her animals...," said Tim McIntyre, executive vice president of communications with Domino’s Pizza.
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Red, white and agriculture

This year, the Fourth of July was a time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture rather than focus on agriculture
Those of us in the agriculture industry associate the Fourth of July with the old saying that corn should be knee high and livestock producers are elated with the amount of meat consumers purchase for grilling, but this year is different.
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ARM employee allegedly encouraged abuse at Fair Oaks

Fair Oaks Farm’s animal abuse scandal went viral, but chances are that the information about the animal activist forcing harm won’t
The Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) employee who made the undercover videos of abuse at Fair Oaks Farms' dairy operations encouraged or pressured dairy workers to do what they did.
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Fair Oaks Farms under attack; who’s next?

Animal activists film a video showing animal treatment that is not excusable, however, neither is the timing of the animal activist group
Animal Recovery Mission that produced and has released the video to the public and the press is an animal rights organization with a pretty powerful agenda and the agriculture industry needs to do something more about it.
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Hay ... we have a problem

As mother nature continues to burden farmers with her cold wrath, hay prices and availability become a problem.
Extreme weather conditions are affecting cattle farmers' hay supply.
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