News and analysis for the global poultry industry.

The Chicken and the Egg

Deven King, former managing editor of Egg Industry magazine, offered her outlook on the issues affecting chicken and egg production, along with the happenings in the global feed and grain industries.

Foodservice will see a significant rebound soon

Lower COVID-19 cases, an increase in vaccinations and warmer weather will allow foodservice to bounce back in the coming months
When summer ends and fall begins, I don't think the foodservice sector will take the hit it did in colder months since the start of the pandemic.
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Chicken is the protein of choice, even for holidays

NCC survey reals consumers are turning to a cheaper protein for small gatherings this holiday season
In a year that has been everything but normal, a traditional meal sounds like just the ticket. However, with the current economic problems some people are facing and the smaller gatherings I suppose I understand the desire for serving the economically friendly and easy to prepare chicken.
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Need a good laugh? Check out AEB's holiday campaign

The campaign offers a type of good clean humor we can all appreciate after a year like 2020
The American Egg Board's "The Gift of Eggs" campaign includes the type of innocent and fun humor everyone needed in a year that has been full of hardship and arguments.
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QSR breakfast burgers could increase egg sales

Quick service restaurants like McDonald's do not offer a burger with an egg on it, but they along with the egg producer could benefit from the additional menu item.
The American Egg Board (AEB) introduced a new social marketing campaign in July called #WEGGSDAY. The idea behind the campaign is to increase the usage and consumption of eggs mid-week among current egg consumers.
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