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Poultry Tech Trends

Elizabeth Doughman, Managing Editor of Poultry Future, examines how consumer trends and new technologies transform the future of the poultry industry.


Annual Meat Conference's 'protein palooza' pleases

Annual tasting event shows off all that poultry -- and proteins -- can do.

The Annual Meat Conference is well known for its 'protein palooza,' an exhibit hall full of protein samples to showcase the latest and greatest. While the event had to take a brief hiatus due to COVID-19, it's back and it lived up to all expectations.

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Recognize the best chicken marketing of 2022

The innovative award celebrates excellence in promoting chicken consumption.

This one-of-a-kind award recognizes and honors exceptional efforts in retail, foodservice, direct-to-consumer, producer/integrator organizations and companies who have demonstrated innovative marketing and creative excellence in promoting chicken consumption. 

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Conspiracy theory wrong about feed causing high egg prices

Social media posts suggest that the industry is decreasing egg supply on purpose.

The online rumor mill is at it again, claiming that feed producers are intentionally modifying their layer products to decrease egg production and drive-up egg prices. We in the poultry industry know that avian influenza is the real culprit.

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21 poultry technologies to follow in 2023

Meet the trailblazers whose new innovations could change the industry.

Emerging technologies are set to transform the poultry industry in 2023, tackling challenges such as Net Zero, traceability and transparency, avian influenza, Salmonella control and more.

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Yellowstone episode touches on direct-to-consumer meat sales

The trend is gaining popularity in the poultry industry as consumers place a higher value on local and ecommerce.

On a recent episode of “Yellowstone,” viewers got to learn about one of the biggest modern-day dilemmas of the poultry and meat industry. Is it better to work with a processor or make plans to feed, process and market products directly to consumers?

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6 aspects of poultry production in need of innovation

New technologies that could transform operations are right around the corner.

Changing consumer demand for Net Zero, higher welfare and no-antibiotic-ever (NAE) has transformed modern poultry production. Innovative thinking and new technologies will be required to meet these challenges and remain efficient and profitable.

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