Sandwiches from a South Korean breakfast chain called Egg Drop went viral on TikTok and now I badly miss my pre-pandemic Sunday ritual of going out for breakfast.

Before COVID, my husband and I traditionally treated ourselves to a weekly brunch at a local diner. There’s something about breakfast foods that are especially comforting and we enjoyed supporting a small business.

Since COVID, I’ve only eaten at a restaurant a handful of times in the past two years. (I did treat myself to a lovely brunch by the beach during the 2021 Chicken Marketing Summit that was definitely a highlight of the year).

While we’ve tried to use the pandemic to better hone our cooking skills and have treated ourselves to plenty of takeout in the interim, breakfast to go just isn’t the same. 

Egg drop sandwiches are made with fluffy scrambled eggs, ham or bacon, cheese and a sweet sauce sandwiched between thick slices of buttered toast. The South Korean breakfast spot sandwiches generated more than 233.3 million views on TikTok. The social media platform overwhelmingly became a source of cooking inspiration to consumers in 2021.

The viral sandwiches look relatively easy to make, but even better, they look like they would be perfect to go. Or, ideally, we’re on the move toward a post-pandemic world and I can go eat one in my favorite local restaurant.

Egg sandwiches are having a moment in 2022

Technomic predicts that egg sandwiches are poised to become a major trend in foodservice in 2022. Foodservice could also see a big breakfast boom, as consumers settle into a less-disruptive reality.

"Egg sandwiches are having a moment in many parts of the world and will soon dethrone the chicken sandwich as the next must-have-on-my-menu restaurant item," the company forecasted in a new report. “Eggs are perfectly suited for a post-pandemic slot in the limelight — simple, universal, craveable, adaptable, suggestive of new beginnings.”