A new ad campaign from the Jennie-O Turkey Store revolves around “The Queendom of Protein,” a fictional land built entirely around turkey and benevolently ruled by its turkey-loving ruler.

“This campaign represents our brand today in a fun and meaningful way,” said Nicole Behne, vice president of marketing at Jennie-O Turkey Store, a subsidiary of Hormel Foods

“As a trusted provider of quality turkey and a source of expertise for many years, we help consumers elevate their meals, but we also enjoy the moment, celebrating everyday meals to special occasions alike.”

A glimpse into The Queendom of Protein

In a series of spots created by BBDO Minneapolis, the Queen provides a glimpse into the culinary rituals and lawn parties of The Queendom of Protein.

My personal favorite of the new ad campaign features a lavish Taco Tuesday feast brought to a sudden halt when the Queen is informed that today is actually Monday.

No worries, she declares, “I declare today Tuesday.”

I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in a world where every day could be Taco Tuesday?

BBDO Minneapolis is responsible for some of Hormel’s other memorable campaigns, including the launch of Black Label Breathable Bacon, “a revolutionary face mask featuring the latest in pork-scented technology with two-ply multi-fiber cloth to keep the smell of bacon wrapped around your nose and mouth.”

Another of Hormel’s brands, Applegate, recently generated positive social media buzz by sending a special delivery of turkey bacon when Chicago resident Brittany Applegate joked on Instagram that she must be related to the company.

Cross-channel promotion

The turkey company continued the medieval celebration on their website.

“In the Queendom of Protein, we believe that eating well doesn’t have to come at the cost of flavor. From whole turkeys to deli meat and sausage to ground turkey, we offer hundreds of products that make it easy to live well without compromising on quality,” it says. 

Interested consumers can find turkey recipes for a variety of diets, include paleo, carb conscious, clean eating and keto.