Rising corn prices that are driving up live-production costs are outside the poultry industry’s control. How you respond is important to your survival.

With corn prices near $7.20 a bushel and poultry company balance sheets hemorrhaging, how would you like your economic analysis delivered? Mike Donohue of Agri Stats served the industry’s challenging economic picture sunny side up at the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association Processor Workshop. He even shared an encouraging jingle with listeners at the end of his talk.

How’s that, Mike? As feed-ingredient and live-production costs climb near their peaks of 2008, the financial impact of good (or poor) management is leveraged against those high costs. If feed conversion and condemnation rates had an impact on bottom lines when the price of corn was $4 a bushel, the impact is even greater when corn is $7 a bushel.

The same is true for processing yields and deboning efficiencies in plants. There’s a critical need now for efficiencies everywhere in the poultry production and supply chain.

The good news is every person who heard Mike’s talk has control over some aspect of achieving industry efficiency. The same is true for every reader of this blog, including growers, live-production managers, plant personnel, salespeople and industry suppliers. Even media members, like me, can help by sharing information and encouragement. Like most people, I like having some control over factors that affect my success and livelihood.

Rising corn prices have driven up live-production costs of chicken by 7.5 cents a pound in recent months. How we respond is important to our survival.

Watch the video, Chicken industry can’t pass on costs fast enough, with comments by Mike. As for Mike’s jingle, you’ll need to catch up with him live and in person.