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What would you call a PED virus vaccine?

Maybe one of the health companies will soon be registering something like “stopped” as a commercial name for a vaccine to fight the porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) virus in swine herds. Or, if they do not like that as a vaccine name, they might try “PEDal” or “PEDestal” or even “zapPED.” Whatever the choice, you can bet that a name of some sort will be needed shortly for a PED virus vaccine as it is prepared for marketing in response to the storm of cases in North America in recent months.
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New trade agreements will affect pork exports

Pork prices are dictated fundamentally by the balance between the demand for the meat in the main markets where it is consumed and the ability to supply it. Exports, therefore, can have a considerable effect on the producer price, both in the home country where the pork was produced and in the place to which it has been sold.
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Impact of urbanization on pork demand globally

It is often believed that world of tomorrow offers a larger global market for all animal proteins as increasing population size combines with the migration of people into towns and cities. This so-called urbanization is associated with an improved personal income, so that the consumer has a wider choice of foods.
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New disease danger in feral pigs

Wild boar populations were already known to present a disease risk by harboring porcine infections that could be spread to domestic pigs. For example, in 2011, Pig International reported a warning by veterinary experts meeting in Spain that increased numbers of wild boar and feral pigs in Europe risked transmission of the African swine fever virus to European commercial pig farms.
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Animal health: change on the global health front

The animal health business within the global health market is changing with pharmaceutical giants considering selling their veterinary arm due to lower sales and more regulatory restrictions. When a friend of mine swapped his veterinary job for one in human healthcare, I told him he was simply following the latest fashion. The top directors of several big pharmaceutical corporations have been recently suggesting, again, that they might concentrate on the human side and end their interest in animal health products.
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Solar panels on pig houses need cleaning

Solar power installations have become increasingly attractive to pig enterprise managers in various countries, often due to financial support from governments and energy companies. But the history of solar panels on pig farm roofs has been uncertain at times.
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