Turkey legs for Father’s Day? Not a bad idea.

Kudos go to Diestel Turkey Ranch for coming up with a crafty suggestion for those wondering what to get their dads.

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Courtesy Diestel Turkey Ranch

I’ve never been one to really ask for anything for Father’s Day. All I want is some quality dad time doing an activity I enjoy with my kids.

And of course I want some good food. Usually this involves going to a restaurant that I enjoy, and hopefully everyone else enjoys it too.

But an email I just received made me think outside of the box when it comes to food. California based turkey producer Diestel Family Ranch gave me an idea that never once would have crossed my mind.

Diestel’s email encourages sons and daughters to “Go Medieval” by getting dear ol’ Dad some turkey drumsticks.

“Our Smoked Turkey Drumsticks will have him feeling like a king (of the grill),” the email read. “They’re slow roasted over real hardwoods for a hearty, decadent, naturally formidable flavor. So he can eat off the bone at his own personal Renaissance fair or shred it to add the bold taste and texture of smoked turkey to a favorite recipe …”

The company then gives you the code “DADBOD” to order the special of 5 drumsticks for $50, which is nearly a $4 per drumstick discount.

After reading this, I had to run to the calendar. Father’s Day wasn’t even on my radar yet, and with it being June 16, it’s sooner than I thought.

I’m very impressed with Diestel Turkey Ranch’s marketing savvy here. Admit it, fellow dads, you love walking around state and county fairs, music festivals and, yes, Renaissance fairs with a turkey leg, biting pieces off like a savage and caring nothing about getting some on your face and clothes. And I’ve never eaten a turkey leg I didn’t like.

I can almost taste it now.

Now, I don’t want my kids to feel obligated to treat me to turkey drumsticks for Father’s Day as I meant what I said that I just want quality dad time. But if I’m being totally honest, I think having a turkey leg just might add to that quality time.

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